What kind of clay do you use?

I use a clay called B-Mix, it is considered a "porcelainous stoneware". Which essentially means that it is about as close to porcelain as you can get, without it being a true porcelain. It is an off-white, very fine grained clay with no grog content, which means that it is very strong and very smooth so that scratching from the bottom of the pot is minimized. It is matured at Cone 6 (2200 degrees farenheit), so the glaze actually forms an integral part to the pot, not just bonding to the surface as is common with earthenware pottery.

I also use B-Mix with grog for some of my decorative work that is Raku fired, because of it's ability to withstand thermal shock in the firing process. This is fired at a much lower temperature (1700 - 1850 degrees farenheit), and is not suitable for kitchenware/tableware.

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