Where can I purchase your pottery?

Well, right now the only place that you can get my pottery is directly from me. I attend a couple of shows throughout the year, but I have no galleries that carry any of my work. It doesn't seem like a gallery is an appropriate place for the "everydayware" that I produce. But please feel free to contact me if you feel differently.

I usually have between 50 and 100 pieces available at any time, and many of my common shapes along with glaze samples are in the "Collections" section of my website. If you don't see something that you are interested in, contact me, as there is a good possibility that I have what you are interested in. I currently do not accept custom orders for any special colored glazes. Glaze formulation takes a great deal of time to not only get the color predictable but to insure that it is durable and reproducible.

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